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Looking for a Weekend Jaunt? Check out Cubao

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If you are looking for a weekend jaunt, but don’t want to travel too far from home, then may I suggest you hang out in Cubao.

Cubao is a major commercial area in Quezon City, one of the cities that make up Metro Manila and boasts the Araneta Coliseum where that ‘Thrilla in Manila’ Boxing match was held between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. It is not far from Ortigas and easy to get to via EDSA. If you can handle a bit of traffic then this area of town has some interesting places to visit. If you drive yourself around, there is plenty of parking too.

I have written previously about the Cubao Farmers Market which is in our opinion, the best wet market around. This is where we shop for our fresh fruit and veggies. I particularly love the freshly shaved coconut which is a great clean alternative to brought desiccated coconut, as it is free of the sugar and additives.

I have written before about Art in Island, the very awesome 3-D museum where you become part of the art.


Here are some other cool places to know about if you visit Cubao

Novotel Aranata

Head into the Novotel for a glamorous coffee stop. The coffee here is lovely (although a little pricey) and the surrounds are calm, elegant and welcoming.

Ice N Cream

Located inside the Novotel, this little shop is an extension of Carmen’s Icecream. It offers eighteen flavours which are free from stabilizers and artificial ingredients. There are a range of toppings you can have from marshmallows, gummy bears, to sprinkles. I had macaroons on mine. They also have some pastries to snack on. You can sit in the cafe and enjoy your icecream while you have your lovely coffee.

Cubao Expo

Now, this is by far my favourite place in Cubao, it is just so awesome-cool. It was once known as the Marikina Shoe Expo, but these days it is a hub of total awesomeness. You will find everything artsy, fartsy, cool and groovy from art, to vintage finds to novelty items. Here you can rummage through tubs of old vinyl and look through shelves crammed with bric-a-brac.  

Cubao Expo is a U shaped laneway that is crammed full of small vintage second hand and trinket/junk shops and hole-in-the-wall bars and cafes. It is retro and overgrown with vines. Potted plants line the area creating a gorgeous intimacy. Meander through the shops and see what treasures you can find. Apparently at night you can find live music, poetry readings and performance art.

Cubao Expo is located next to Art in Island, and you can walk down a little laneway to get there. Otherwise it is easy enough to walk a few blocks from the shopping mall at the Araneta Center. Its hours of business are 3pm to 8pm

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