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I am a market girl. I love to check out fresh food markets but my favourite are weekend markets and bazaars that sell a range of products by local artisans. A place where I can buy a ton of different foods to try and a bunch of cool and unique gifts and treats. Where I can sit down with the family and just enjoy the vibe. 

Here are My Two Top Market Choices to Visit

The Katipunan Weekend Market

The Katipunan Weekend Market is the brain child of Nadine. Inspired by overseas flea markets and craft fairs, Nadine “…wished there was a community event that brought the neighborhood together…to promote creativity, local and homegrown businesses”. And so with a little bit of help, the market was borne. Now it is pretty much a full time business to organise and run, with the help of her partner Ramon.

The range on display at each market varies, yet core values underly each one. Nadine was very clear from the beginning that the merchants who set up at her market had a small local business with unique, quality products that were sustainable. Social responsibility is something she cares about. The other important quality she seeks in her merchants is love and passion for what they do.

If you take the time to speak with the merchants who run their stalls, it is evident that Nadine has hit the mark with her selection.

The passion oozes from each vendor who is always willing and happy to talk to you about their product, production and any other detail you might be looking for.

The markets run from 10am to 10pm each day with last market held May 13-15th at UP Town Center. It was fantastic. We picked up some great treats and met some wonderful new friends. Jean and Josh make their specialty flavoured granola out of their kitchen. It tastes great! We picked up a packet of the spicy mix, a sure way to help me wake up in the morning alongside my coffee! Margaux of Creative Chaos is my new favourite person. The quality and beauty in the dolls she crotchets is spectacular. I could not go past my Gnome, whose name is Roam’in and he will be our new travel buddy. I have every intention of buying more of these adorable friends to give as gifts. Margaux is inspired by popular culture, with gnomes inspired by the movie Amelie and dolls crocheted in Star Wars themes, oh and then there are the zodiac dolls. Each doll and gnome comes with its own adoption certificate that is hand made and again, the attention to detail, the quality is just stunning.

FB and BB were given a bit of spending money, a treat they love. It teaches them the value of things, supposedly. FB brought a pink pearl bracelet and BB brought a little hand held fan. Even SB found a treasure. A stunning leather and brass nautical themed bracelet. A couple of very friendly lads run this small business importing these quality items from Germany.

At the Katipunan Weekend Market you will also find food stalls selling vegan food, rich treats and natural iceypoles. Drink stations sell fresh lemonade and iced tea while a couple of breweries sell their unique boutique beers. The afternoon brings live music to entertain into the evening.

Currently there is no stable home for The Katipunan Weekend Market so they run as regularly as they can, relying on a few locations around the area. The markets run pop-up versions which are small and intimate with around twenty to twenty five merchants each time. The larger markets have upwards of sixty merchants with music and alcohol on the menu. If you would like more information about when markets are on, or how you can become a merchant, check out their Facebook Page or their website at

Greenfield Weekend Market

I have written about the Greenfield Weekend market before. Starting at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon and going through until around midnight. The stalls here are like a flea market, with a few original artisans, a few fresh produce stalls, and a lot of people selling old and second hand items such as records, posters and knick knacks. The reason we like to come to this market though is not for any of that. It is really all about the food and the vibe.

The Greenfield Weekend Market has a point of difference to a lot of other places. The space it sets up on is large and open. Eighty to ninety stalls run around the perimeter leaving space in the center for tables and chairs. A live band keeps revelers entertained throughout the night with relaxing chillout music. There is a grassy knoll behind the food strip which provides room for picnic blankets. Enclosing this whole space is a shopping district with the streets lined with cafes, restaurants and bars. It is so relaxing here, you just kick back with some of the amazing food on offer, a few drinks and let the children run around and play with each other. This is a safe family friendly environment and it feels wonderful to be a part of it.

The fresh food cooked and prepared at these markets is fantastic. A small bar serves beer and a few other drinks and other vendors sell a range of refreshing drinks too. This weekend we went back to hang out early in the evening. The children selected a special place on the grass, halfway up a hill. We lay out our picnic blanket and settled in with the most delightful Lechon from Cebu and BB had really delicious pork spring rolls from the Vietnamese stall. SB and I had a few cups filled with icy cold alcoholic ginger beer and a bit later I wandered off to the cake stall to find some caramel crepe cake that we all devoured. BB asked if I could buy a whole cake to bring home, it was just that yummy.

The evening was balmy, and the heat as it does here, hung in the air, wrapping around us like a blanket. It made my icy cold drink taste that much better. The music is light as laughter and children’s noise fills the air. Flashing lights from signs around the strip give us extra light and small dogs on leashes are walked around. There is a shop here that sells bubble solution with two sticks joined with string. There is always someone here with one, on the grass surrounded by children taking turns to create the biggest bubbles they can. FB giggled with delight as a giant bubble landed on her face. “Another drink?” SB asks me quietly. “Sure”, I say. I am not quite ready to leave yet.  

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Janine 18/05/2016 at 8:16 pm

Everything is so frickin cute!

Reply 20/05/2016 at 2:21 pm

Yes, there is a lot of cute stuff here. You will go crazy for The Happiness Project stuff. I will be writing about that soon.

Joy 20/05/2016 at 1:43 am

All this looks so cool, Sarah. Too bad they’ll be done by the time I get there. I would have wanted to experience all that. I particularly adore the candles in tea cups. So lovely! Thanks for sharing this!

Reply 20/05/2016 at 2:20 pm

The Katipunan Markets are postponed in early June due to bad weather predictions, but you never know what will be on when you are in town. PM me your dates and I can gather intel if you want.

Marie 21/05/2016 at 3:52 am

What great stuff they have!

Reply 21/05/2016 at 11:50 am

It is a great market to visit. Looking forward to doing my Christmas shopping there.

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