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Hey my friend

So we are on our way back from seeing The Gruffalo in Makati. In true Philippine style it started at 4…sorry, it was scheduled for 4, it started about half an hour later. It is an English production and it was so fabulous. I loved it. FB enjoyed it and told me a few times to stop laughing as she was trying to listen. BB seemed more interested in why the seats fold up, the seat numbers and how the lights on the stage changed – who did that?

I knew it would be hard work after with the traffic. So the show was at the building where the embassy is and there is a food court, I got a pizza from Pizza Hut and started the journey home with the kids in the back helping them manage eating. We ended up with tomato sauce everywhere, cheese globs and pieces of pineapple in nasty places. The kids were thrilled. After I cleaned that mess up, while at a Makati Traffic Standstill I jumped into the front seat. BB instantly went into meltdown because he wanted a cuddle in the back with me so I distracted them by putting Taylor Swift on – the ‘ah ahh ah’ song (Mine) they love and sing to except something is wrong with the connection or something and the song kept skipping so after the fifth time of the intro of ‘ah ah ah’ I gave up and let it go to the next song. I had developed that stress twitch and needed it to stop. You know when you are so over a song. The kids go spaco when they are tired and I try to do something different.

So now the kids are hitting each other over the head with teddies in the back seat and I figure it could be a whole lot worse.

This morning I did yoga in my ‘healthy lifestyle’ New Years thing I always start and fail dramatically at. Well, yoga today was pointless. We have this new driver and, well, I won’t bore you as I bore anyone I spend time with lately. Anyway, I have had to have more words with him today so when we got to Makati I went straight to Krispy Kreme and ate a kronut – OMG YUM. Have you had one? So good, a muffin and donut in one. Brilliant. Then I did eat some pizza with the kids. Now I can feel my shoulder muscles start to realise they were tortured this morning and I’m thinking this pain will be pointless.

So, that is pretty much our day, how was yours? When we get home I will chuck the kids in the shower and pour myself a massive – MASSIVE gin and….hmmm…no mixers….hopefully SB has that sorted. Otherwise gin neat. A dash of lemon. Or maybe just a cup of tea.

I am looking forward to coming home to a clean house, E-Bug my maid was in today and when we are out all day the house is even cleaner and it is like being a princess for a few minutes when I get home. Then shoes are dropped, school bags dumped and Noodles comes inside…

Oh, do you run out of inspiration for the kid’s school snack packs? I get notes written in the kid’s notebooks about how crap my food choices are. ‘BB was very upset today that he did not have a good selection of food’. As if that is going to make me go ‘oh really? I didn’t realise’. Of course I know how crap the snack pack situation is. There are only so many carrot sticks, cucumber and crackers a kid will eat. Yesterday I packed cheese sandwiches and I almost had a riot on my hands- or so I was told (by the teachers and the kid’s). The kid’s love cheese sandwiches but apparently they are just not okay for a snack pack. So if there is a secret to the snack pack I’d love to hear it. I’m out of Tiny Teddies and the rice wheels I brought home at Christmas.< Well nighty night. I think we are having breakfast with B-Bug and T-Bug Sunday morning. I will eat eggs Benedict and think of you because I reckon you’d be an Eggs Benedict girl. Until later xxxxx SaltyBug P.S. It only took two hours to get home tonight. Awesome. I sent a picture of the traffic to a friend back home and she noticed how no one seems to drive in the lines of the lanes. FB asked if the water that drips off cars (you know the air con condensation) is car wee’s. I laughed my head off and wish I’d said ‘yes’. Then BB smacked her too hard in the head – again – with a teddy – again, and she cried so we played one round of eye spy and the kids in tandem dropped like flies fast asleep. I changed the music to Tracy Chapman and my Driver and I breathed a sigh of relief and we had a chilled out rest of the drive home. SB came up with the goods – I got my G&T and I got to talk trash with one of my besties back home on messenger. Bliss.

Stupid things I say on Messenger after a few drinks
Stupid things I say on Messenger after a few drinks

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Joy Page Manuel 28/01/2016 at 4:10 am

No one drives within the lines…ahhh yes…one of the things I don't miss. I think it would be impossible for me to drive there. I would completely lose my mind. I still don't know how I did it years ago. Maybe being only 18 was the only reason, haha! As for that TS song….is that "This Love"? I love that song! It soothes me.

Salty Bug 28/01/2016 at 6:47 am

I actually enjoy driving here now. It is like a game and always amusing. I do think however, that learning to drive here would be terrifying. The TS song is called 'Mine' and the kid's just want it over and over. You know I love my TS but this song is just a tad over played now…

Marie Loerzel 29/01/2016 at 4:48 am

Oh my gosh, your message at the end!

Salty Bug 30/01/2016 at 6:42 am

That's what a few gin's does to me.


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