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Glimpse of Everyday Life Seven-Day Challenge – Day 2 – Sunday

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Kiki-K diary

It is Sunday, day 2 of this seven day challenge. Good Morning.

Sunday’s are our day to relax. The rest of the week is so busy and full, today is the day we take our time. It is also the day I sit down with my diary and plan my week. I really enjoy this ritual. I am a traditional kind of girl, and love my paper diary. I really love the Kiki-K diary as it is filled with inspirational quotes and words to make me smile. I love how the quote on the outside of this year’s diary says ‘everyday is a new adventure’. That basically sums up our year.

So after breakfast is over, which is often pancakes by SB made in whatever shape the children ask for (the sun, a mouse, a rabbit, a monkey), the mess is cleaned up and the children are playing, I get out my diary and my whiteboard planner (so the family can see what is coming up), and I figure out my week. I plan strategically to be able to get everything done. I feel so satisfied when this task is complete.

Breakfast today was toast and cereal. SB slept in as we were out at a Christmas Party for charity last night. It was a late one. SB has just woken up a short time ago and is playing with BB as FB watches some Peter Rabbit upstairs, tucked into her yellow beanbag. We are all still in our PJ’s.

Later we may go out for lunch somewhere. It is my day to drive so I don’t like going too far away. We may go to some shops or I may find a bazaar to check out. Basically, we roll with what is presented. There is a big Christmas party in the park today we may even go to, catch up with new friends

Who knows, right now I need more coffee…


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Marie Loerzel 08/12/2015 at 4:53 am

Or maybe you won't get out of your pj's at all, which is also a great option.

Salty Bug 08/12/2015 at 10:40 am

We did basically nothing at all on Sunday. I baked shortbread. It was great.


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