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It’s Monday morning.

Here we go again.

The dishes were left last night and I slept in. I throw lunch packs together feeling frustrated at the mess.

BB is tired. ‘I told you to go to sleep last night! You stayed up late mucking around in bed’.

‘I need to go back to bed’ he whines.

We have a busy day today sunshine. Let’s get you dressed for school. You can go to bed on time tonight’.

Finally they are both dressed. FB is upset, I won’t let her wear her princess dress to school. ‘We are going to try to get you a princess haircut today though sweetheart’. Oh yeah, that’s right she remembers.

I am thinking of all we need to get done today. I need to make sure I can fit in my promises to the children.

The dog is staring with pitiful eyes through the back door. Rainy season is here. I’m not yet sure how to navigate this new terrain. I bring the dog in. He knows the drill. Stand on the towel, get cleaned up and dried off, then he can run around. Sorry pup, today you are heading straight into your pen. We need to get going to school.

I need to buy a big umbrella. The type a family can squeeze under with bags and lunch boxes. The rain is pouring and I sigh. A change in the seasons always brings a change in mood. Reflection of time moving past so fast.

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