Saying ‘Hello’

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It is my usual morning, here in McCafe. The coffee is really good this morning. I am writing feverishly on my iPad. This was my birthday gift from SB. Before we moved here, so I could write anytime, anywhere. He got me a black cover and an Apple TV I still haven’t plugged in. I need to figure out how to use it. I went to the shops and brought myself the keyboard accessory. It is just so awesome.  
So here I am tapping away on my little portable computer and a chap stops by my table. Newspaper under his arm, he has finished his morning routine and is heading to the office. He admires my little setup. The little keyboard is intriguing, it looks like a good idea. I happily show him how it works and we chat. His name is Bob, he owns a small distribution company, personal care items. Each morning he drops his children at the school up the road. The one BB and I did not care for but has a good reputation. Then Bob comes here for coffee and to ‘do his reading’. He asks what I do, I say I write. It feels good to say that. We talk about my home in Australia, and living in a new world. Bob needs to go and says ‘I will see you here again, since we both come often’. I said ‘yes, that will be wonderful. Have a great day!’

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