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Jumping in Puddles

posted by saltybug.com 08/07/2015 0 comments
Our common lawn is a great place to run around. Now the rain is here there is a giant puddle which forms from the heavy rain. Right in the middle of the space.
Where we come from, jumping in puddles is just what you do. You let your children splash and squeal with delight. The first time I let my children play in the giant puddle here, the other kids were out with their Yaya’s. The children watched in wonderment as mine ran and splashed and got drenched. They wanted to join in and they were not allowed to. The Yaya’s moved the kids to the other end of the grassed area to keep them away from us. The last time as the children splashed and the dog ran around someone took a picture of us out of their window. It is odd how no-one jumps in puddles here.
I was telling my hairdresser about it. He is from America and agrees puddle jumping is the best. But not here, and there is a reason. It seems you can get some disease from the muddy water. Oh. This is why you don’t go barefoot either. Oh. I thought it odd that the local children asked why my children were barefoot on the grass. ‘Because we like the feeling of the grass in our toes’. I had replied. What a shame it isn’t seen as ‘safe’ to enjoy such simple pleasures.

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