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News Updates – Dodgy Postal Service & Noodles the Puppy

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The Dodgy Postal Service

I am happy to report my packages were retrieved in tact. The office person who was tasked with the retrieval had to travel some distance to some location currently unbeknownst to us. However I have another parcel to retrieve – thanks to whoever sent that one. I am considering going on an adventure to find this mysterious post office…

Noodles the Puppy

Noodles health has improved remarkably. His cough has cleared up. He has grown bigger and put on weight. He has realised he is a puppy and is making up for lost time in regards to the usual puppy behaviour. Peeing on floors, chewing things, fighting dad’s socks. All this along with running, jumping, sliding, spinning, somersaults and tripping over his little feet. One more week of quarantine then it will be off to puppy school.
We had a few rough days where I did not think we would be able to keep him. The children have developed allergies and the added pressure to adapting to life here was overwhelming. However a few days have past, I have seen how it can work and the moment I realised Noodles was here to stay was when I was considering baking him a mince and banana slice as a treat.

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