The Fun Farm

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Views of The Fun Farm

The other week I was invited with the children to visit The Fun Farm, a little farm just out of town located within the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate in Laguna.


Friends at The Fun Farm

On arrival I was struck by the sound of silence in-between the sound of happy children running around, which is always glorious.

I really loved walking along the path and capturing positive quotes and affirmations hanging from tree’s, fence posts and nestled in shrubs. As you walk the path in this serene place, reading these positive messages you cannot help but smile and feel good. It adds a lovely dimension to this place. 

Positive quotes to make you smile

We fed carrot sticks to guinea pigs and rabbits with FB totally besotted with the guinea pigs. The children tried their

The Caribou hard at work

hand fishing with a bamboo stick, line and hook. There is a chap who sits and his job is putting maggots on the hooks for the crazed kids that take over the place. Seriously now, if you are not happy in your job, give this one a bit of consideration…

Horse Riding

The children each had a ride on a horse and we all enjoyed a caribou wagon ride.

We had our packed lunch in the undercover eating area and then it was off to play in the undercover sandpit, which is filled with swings, climbing ropes and a few other bits and bobs. Finally the children jumped all over the old tractor and truck until we dragged them away to get out of the pummelling heat of the day. Hot, sweaty and exhausted the children fell back into the car, and fast asleep.


Overseeing the fishing, putting maggots on lines

On the way home we called into The Union Jack Tavern, a British Tavern with little shop attached. I picked up a few things I was missing from home, and was almost dancing around the shop in glee! As I walked out through the pub I was salivating looking at the gorgeous pub meals people were relishing. I cannot wait to go and face-plant into a big juicy pie!

Climbing fun


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