Under no illusions

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It is our last night in our home by the sea. Today has been so busy we haven’t really stopped to consider it. However as the night time has fallen, our weary bodies have lagged and we have started to slow down. 

The children have been so excited today. Running around the now empty house, jumping on the mattresses which are our beds for now and playing new imagined games that fill this great space with laughter and joy. That has been a lovely element to our day, hearing the children’s beautiful play. I felt relief today, that it was back. 

Tonight the children stayed up a bit later than usual. The energy in the air I guess was palpable to them. To us, well we are so tired now, and over it. Our bodies hurt. Our brains hurt.

I took a drive through our darkened streets a short time ago. The moon looked beautiful in the sky and I realised how much I will miss looking up at the stars. I remember being in Manila and looking out the window at night straining for a glimpse of something shiny in the sky. Sadly the pollution is quite significant, and the only sparkly lights I saw were those of incoming and outgoing aircraft. 

I drove into our local business district and a familiar flashing notice board was up advising of the upcoming music festival. I looked at our local shops, the trees that line streets. As I returned home I noticed how beautiful and restrained our home looked in the shining street light. In that moment I realised just how much I would miss this place, and an understanding washed over me in that moment. Despite the excitement, motivation and optimism I am feeling about this move, I am under no illusions of just how big a challenge this is going to be.  

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